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We are Professional Filter Of Titanium Bar, Filters Of Titanium Bar Manufacturer and factory in China. We can produce Filter Of Titanium Bar,Filters Of Titanium Bar according to your requirements. More types of Filter Of Titanium Bar please contact us right now!

Filter : Filter Of titanium bar
Filter Of titanium bar
Product instruction
1.Filter cartridge has following feature: a great deal of flow,high precision, and high-temperature resistance, anti-corrosion, nonpoisonous, without microdot cast, and long span life.
2.Material of shell is adopted imported 316L or 304,the innerand outer surface is processed by polishing and roughness ofinner surface is Ra0.4m.
3.Pipe inlet is adopted type of clamp to disassemble and clean conveniently, meanwhile, shell can be rotated at a 180。to fully clean.
4.Filtering precision: 0.5m ~ 30m
5.Flow: 0.05t/h ~ 10t/h
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