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 We are professional Stainless steel Fermenter, Stainless steel Fermenter manufacturer and factory in China. We provide the Stainless steel Fermenter product includes :Stainless steel mechanical agitation fermentor. If you need some details pls contact us.

Stainless steel fermenter: Stainless steel mechanical agitation fermentor

Stainless steel mechanical agitation fermentor
   Stainless steel mechanical agitation fermentor Feature:
This series of products adopt top mechanical
agitation system, and agitator rotate speed is
adjustable steplesslly.Parameters of
fermentation  temperature、pH、and dissolved  oxygen can be automatically controlled,  recorded, stored and printed. It suits for
small lab and middle lab of fermentation

 Stainless steel mechanical agitation fermentor Range:
This series of products suit for various kinds of
microbiology small type of fermentation test.
Equipment has the following features: excellent
stability and convenient operation. User can
choose appropriate configuration according to
fermentation craft. Multilevel fermentation
contains seed tank and fermentor.
  Stainless steel mechanical agitation fermentor Technical parameter:
   Type RTY-MS
   Capacity 5L 10L 15L 20L 30L 50L 70L
   Coefficient of filling    liquid    65-75%
   Material of tank body    SUS316L/SUS304
   Mode of agitation    Flat type impeller/slant type impeller/backward curved impeller/propeller    type impeller    
   Mode of drive    Top mechanical agitation
   Mode of seal    Special mechanical seal
   Structure    Europe type of frame
   Mode of sterilization    SIP (Sterilized In Place)
   Mode of control    DCS control system, adopts integrated control, LCD display operation    interface
   Equipment feature    SIP, safe and reliable, special mechanical seal, large-scale observe    clearly, multiform inoculating mode, beautiful and elegant, easy to    assemble and disassemble.

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